NIO CEO William Li Hopes Suppliers Withstand Delivery Pressure

During the 2022 NIO Partner Day held on July 30, William Li, the CEO of Chinese new energy firm NIO, said that planned July deliveries of its ET7 model were originally higher than the roughly 4,000 units recorded in June, but an insufficient supply of castings resulted in a drop in production by thousands of units. Li said at the event that he hopes the firm’s suppliers can withstand the delivery pressure.

The NIO ET7 comes standard with intelligent air suspension and dynamic damping control, and is equipped with 4D intelligent body control. The model’s maximum cruising range exceeds 1,000 km, with a 150 kWh battery. The drag coefficient is as low as 0.23 Cd, acceleration time from 0 to 100 km/h is only 3.9 seconds, and the braking distance of 100-0 km/h is only 33.5 meters.

At present, the scheduled delivery of some NIO ET7 cars will be delayed by several months. As the first model based on NT2, the second-generation technology platform of NIO, the manufacturer’s suggested retail price for the ET7 is 448,000 yuan to 526,000 yuan ($66,309 – $77,854), and a model with a battery life of 1,000 km will be launched in the future.

According to its plan, NIO will deliver the ES7, an intelligent electric medium and large SUV, on August 28. At the end of September, the Intelligent Electric Coupe ET5 will also be delivered. The firm has said that its ET5 is currently being prepared for mass production. On April 29 this year, the first batch of trial cars of the ET5 full-process production line have been completed at NIO‘s No. 2 Advanced Manufacturing Base in NeoPark.

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The interior of the NIO ET5 will be officially unveiled during the Chengdu Motor Show 2022, which is set to begin in October. The positioning of the ET5 is slightly lower than that of the ET7, and the overall style continues the design highlights of the ET7, with a maximum cruising range of over 1,000 km.

On July 1, NIO announced that it delivered 12,961 new cars in June, up 60.3% year-on-year. In the second quarter of 2022, NIO delivered a total of 25,059 new cars, up 14.4% year-on-year.