NIO Blames Partial Demolishment of Power Station in Central China on “Information Asymmetry”

In response to an online video showing a NIO electric vehicle charging and power exchange station being demolished in Kaifeng, Henan Province, Ma Lin, senior director of enterprise communication of NIO, said that there was information asymmetry between the two sides.

The power exchange station, located in Kaiyuan Square in the city of Kaifeng, was built by Henan Xiangyu Technology Co., Ltd. Officially put into operation in September 2021, the station has 40 charging spots for new energy vehicles.

According to documents, the construction of the power exchange station was not illegal, as it is not necessary to apply for a construction land planning permit and construction project planning permit for the station. However, the local urban management staff believe that power exchange station should be classified as a building, and that it is therefore necessary to provide proof of land ownership, which led to the forcible dismantlement.

Ma Lin said that after NIO‘s employees made a preliminary explanation of the power exchange station, both parties decided to actively communicate about its construction and operation.

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Ma Lin also said that NIO has built 22 power exchange stations and 30 charging stations in Henan Province. Next, NIO plans to further increase investment in Henan, including Kaifeng, to help the province achieve the goal of building 2,000 centralized charging and power exchange facilities by 2025.