NIO Begins Trials Operations of Used Car Trading Service

Chinese automaker NIO launched trial operations of its “owner-direct sale” service for official used cars, providing a platform for the free trade of vehicles among users.

At this stage, the firm provides “sale information release” and “vehicle inspection” services, while “capital guarantee,” “extended warranty” and “financial installment” services are in preparation.

On January 3, 2021, NIO launched a used car service called NIO Certified. One year later, on January 3, 2022, a NIO Used Car Experience Store opened in Hangzhou. NIO then opened its second store in Guangzhou on February 26.

Consumers that go through the Used Car Experience Store enjoy seven-day worry-free returns, a one-year or 30,000-kilometer original factory extension, a free 7kW household charging pile, free road rescue for life, free car networking for life, and BaaS battery rental services.

According to the official NIO app, as of February 26, 164 used car were sold and 27 used car were on sale, including the ES8, the ES6 and the EC6.

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According to firm founder William Li, “NIO didn’t expect to earn large sums of money from official used cars, but only to make small profits. More than anything else, NIO wanted to serve its regular users better and give maximum benefit protection to car sellers through official used car services.”