NIO Aims for 15-Year Battery Lifespan and 85% Health in Collaboration with CATL

At today’s NIO Long-Life Battery Strategy Communication Meeting, NIO proposed a long-life battery solution, aiming to achieve a 15-year lifespan for the power battery, while ensuring that the battery’s health at the end of its life is not less than 85%.

In addition, NIO and CATL (Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. Limited) signed a cooperation agreement on the NIO long-life battery R&D project on-site. In fact, IT Home found that NIO had signed a five-year comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement with CATL as early as January 17, 2023, which involved areas such as “cooperation in business models based on long-life batteries”.

Zeng Shizhe, Vice President of NIO Battery Systems, introduced that the technical and operational goals of NIO‘s long-life battery are:

  • The battery life can reach 15 years.
  • No worries about mileage.
  • The battery’s health at the end of its life is not less than 85%.

NIO believes that the scientific path to achieving a long-life battery is the combination of intrinsic battery R&D and operational innovation, including battery chemical materials, cell structure, cloud operations, large model prediction, health maintenance, etc.

In terms of intrinsic battery R&D, NIO has built the largest battery R&D laboratory in the whole vehicle factory. Currently, NIO has obtained 1,435 technology patents in batteries, of which 104 patents are related to long battery life.

In terms of solving the battery life issue operationally, NIO has built a battery intelligent cloud operating system, including cloud BMS, cloud recovery, digital twin, cloud health, cloud configuration, cloud services, and other modules.

Li Bin also stated that NIO is exploring a multi-dimensional perception safety large model based on the NIO battery swap network in terms of battery safety. Zeng Shizhe revealed that so far, NIO has developed more than 300 safety management algorithms and the industry’s first self-developed vehicle-cloud combined battery pack maintenance algorithm. It is reported that the number of NIO battery pack replacement and maintenance has reached 787,908 times.

Data released by NIO official shows that the NIO user with the longest mileage has already reached over 570,000 kilometers, and the proportion of users with an annual mileage of over 30,000 kilometers has reached 21%.

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