NetEase’s “Justice Online” Game to Adapt First Game Version of ChatGPT

Chinese tech and game giant NetEase announced on February 15 that it will install the first game version of ChatGPT in China in its mobile game “Justice Online”, so that smart non player characters (NPC) can freely conduct dialogue with players and give logical behavioral feedback based on that dialogue.

ChatGPT, like AI-generated pictures, has gone mainstream in recent weeks due to its human-like chatting features and learning ability. In fact, ChatGPT has a wide range of applications, and this is the first time a company is trying to introduce it into a game.

According to the demonstration video released by NetEase, a player deliberately got involved in the relationship between a pair of smart NPC couples, typing to express his opposition to their marriage, which was then denounced by the NPC couples. However, when the player pretends to be a female player to provoke dissension in the couple, they suddenly begin to quarrel.

(Source: Justice Online)

In another clip of the video, two female NPCs are discussing long-distance relationships, and the player’s pessimistic attitudes will affect NPCs’ emotions. NPC have memories, and when the player meets her again after a while, she says they have been broken up for two months.

Under the blessing of the game version of ChatGPT, intelligent NPC forms a huge social network, and every behavior of players may produce an effect.

In the game, all words, expressions and voices of an intelligent NPC are generated by AI, and the voice will be iteratively upgraded according to NPC’s character when the game is officially launched.

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Most of the pre-training contents of the game version of ChatGPT are from martial arts novels, history books, ancient poems and songs, in order to generate a virtual character living in the Dong Dynasty. For example, if a player says “your house is on fire” to a hostile NPC, the NPC will rush home quickly. An NPC whose personality traits include “being grateful” may protect the player in wartime because the player had given him food and water in a desert.

According to the official introduction, the game version of ChatGPT will adopt a large number of AI technologies from NetEase‘s Fuxi Artificial Intelligence Lab and Thunderfire Business Group. In the future, the product will be used in other fields in “Justice Online”, such as AI-generated tasks, character customization, the generation of Chinese-style paintings, game videos and so on.