NetEase to Hold Game Launch Event on May 20

NetEase, a Chinese internet technology company, announced on Wednesday that it will hold an online game launch event called “NetEase Connect 2022” at 19:30 Beijing time on May 20.

At the event, NetEase will unveil the latest news regarding more than 40 games, including those for consoles, PCs and smartphones.

In terms of new games, NetEase will release a notice on “Diablo Immortal,” which has received much attention, and will announce its launch date in China.

In addition to this game developed in cooperation with Blizzard Entertainment, the launch event will release the latest news on football game “Vive Le Football,” which is available on PCs and mobile phones, and the mobile RTS game “War Roar,” with a Middle Ages magic theme.

As for exisiting games, the launch event will unveil new content for PC games such as “Justice Online” and “Naraka: Bladepoint,” as well as for mobile games such as “Harry Potter: Magic Awakened” and “Onmyoji.”

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However, there is still no news about console games. Previous market reports have attributed this to NetEase‘s Sakura Studio in Japan and Jackalope Games in Austin, Texas, which specializes in PC games.

In addition, the Japanese livestreaming channel of the launch event will announce news regarding 12 games, including “Harry Potter: Magic Awakened,” “Naraka: Bladepoint,” and more, while the English channel will announce news regarding 14 PC, console and mobile games in addition to “Harry Potter: Magic Awakened,” and “Naraka: Bladepoint,” including the first publication of new projects.