NetEase Sees Casual Party Mobile Game Eggy Party Become Popular Among Younger Generations

After NetEase‘s 2022 financial report was released, there was a more eye-catching change than its revenue and profit indicators: the number of daily active users (DAU) of its casual party mobile game “Eggy Party” has exceeded 30 million, garnering the highest DAUs in NetEase‘s game history.

On May 27, last year, “Eggy Party” was officially put into public beta, only to fail to attract many players. Until the end of last year, many players and analysts said that this inconspicuous game may be NetEase‘s most successful work in 2022.

According to NetEase‘s financial report, “Eggy Party” ranked third on the domestic iOS bestseller list during this year’s Spring Festival holiday. William Ding, CEO of NetEase, said in the company’s most recent conference call that the game had achieved rapid growth during the Spring Festival holiday, and the number of DAUs exceeded 30 million. In terms of revenue, according to Qimai, the game earned about $27.34 million on iOS devices in recent month, surpassing “Genshin Impact” and second only to “Honor of Kings” and “Game for Peace”.

“Eggy Party” is similar to Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, which has a unique painting style but less of a focus on competition. In addition, the NetEase team has added some new functions on the basis of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, emphasizing its social attributes.

On the eve of Spring Festival this year, new maps and murder games have been added. Marketing channels that are more suitable for young people are covered with images of the game. At present, the players of the game are mainly students, including a large number of post-00s.

As a matter of fact, at the beginning, “Eggy Party” wasn’t expected to amount to much. However, this situation has changed. Ding revealed that NetEase will invest more R&D strength in the “Eggy Party” and build it into a long-life product like “Fantasy Westward Journey”.

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Since the end of its cooperation with Blizzard Entertainment, NetEase has attracted a lot of attention. Although games such as “Fantasy Westward Journey”, “A Chinese Odyssey” and “Naraka: Bladepoint” still contribute most of the company’s game revenue, it is obvious that NetEase is surrounded by many rivals.

In its financial report, NetEase announced that it will launch five new games. At present, the global version of “Eggy Party” has been tested in Britain and the Netherlands. “Harry Potter: Magic Awakened”, a role-playing game, will be launched in Japan, South Korea, Europe and America.