NetEase Planet Launches NFT Platform

NetEase Planet NFT, a digital platform based on NetEase‘s blockchain technology, was announced on Wednesday. The Platform is dedicated to extending the boundaries of art collection to the digital world instead of being limited to the physical world.

It not only provides IP producers with a complete set of brand solutions such as contracting, product marketing and user management of digital collections, but also provides collectors with services such as secondary creation, exchange, purchase, gift giving and sharing of digital collections. All works listed on NetEase Planet NFT are encrypted and deployed through the company’s smart contract technology and is stored within the NetEase blockchain.

The NetEase blockchain is driven by NetEase‘s self-developed engine “Tianxuan 3.0”, which is characterized by high concurrency, stability, flexibility and security, and has passed the appraisal and evaluation of the Forensic Evaluation Center of Electronic Data Evidence State Information Center, an authority in these matters.

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The NetEase blockchain is jointly maintained by NetEase Eco-Alliance. In addition to its own various business applications, it also covers Internet notary offices, electronic certification agencies, and partners in various fields such as justice, copyright, culture, entertainment, e-commerce and technology.