NetEase Cloud Music Reaches Strategic Cooperation with Emperor Entertainment, Bringing Key Advantages to Platform

On Tuesday, Chinese online music platform NetEase Cloud Music announced its strategic cooperation with Emperor Entertainment (Hong Kong) Limited, in which the two sides will carry out in-depth and diversified cooperation in the fields of music copyright and performance.

At present, NetEase Cloud Music has obtained full music copyright authorization under Emperor Entertainment, including works by many famous artists such as Nicholas Tse, Joey Yung, Leo Ku and Hacken Lee. In the future, both sides will give full play to their respective advantages, provide more high-quality music content for Chinese music lovers, and promote the vigorous development of Chinese music.

Emperor Entertainment was founded in 1999, and has many excellent famed artists and quality music works. It is one of the most dynamic entertainment groups in Hong Kong at present. Through bilateral cooperation, NetEase Cloud Music is granted the copyright of all artists’ songs under Emperor Entertainment, thereby enhancing its advantages in key music fields such as pop songs.

This cooperation could serve to popularize quality Chinese music. NetEase Cloud Music is a music platform most favored by Chinese youth. Its unique music community effectively improves the efficiency of music content distribution, and enhances the interaction between artists under Emperor Entertainment and young users.

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As of March 2021, the monthly active users of NetEase Cloud Music exceeded 183 million, and about 90% of the active users belong to the “post-90” and “post-00” generations. The average daily listening time of users was 76.5 minutes, and 2.8 of every 10 songs that users listened to were recommended by the platform, creating a community featuring high user stickiness and interaction.

Supported by a unique community ecology and increasingly prominent copyright operations, NetEase Cloud Music has successively reached copyright cooperation with many music companies at home and abroad. Its authorized music libraries now contain more than 60 million songs.