NetEase Cloud Music Launches Beat Trading Platform Beatsoul

On Tuesday, NetEase Cloud Music officially launched BeatSoul, a one-stop beat trading platform. The platform integrates beat uploading, display, purchase and communication functions.

According to NetEase Cloud’s official Weibo account, from now on, registered musicians on NetEase Cloud Music can sell their original beats on the platform. The scope and price of authorization are determined by beat producers, and there is no drawback for various kinds of revenue. At present, more than 10,000 beat producers have been enrolled, and buyers will receive professional authorization contracts.

BeatSoul has no independent application for the time being but has been built into the NetEase Cloud Music App as a mini program. On the homepage of Beatsoul, there are different categories such as Recommendation, Best Seller, Pop, Emo, etc. After selecting “beat” to enter the play page, the option to purchase the beat will appear.

There are various types of license for the same beat, ranging from free non-commercial licenses to exclusive “premium edition” licenses. Each type of license will have different restrictions on the number of recorded albums released, free-play performance, commercial performance viewers, and audio plays.

Industry sources pointed out that the NetEase Cloud Music community has stronger user stickiness compared to similar products. This strength will provide an encouraging environment for independent musicians to create and earn. Further, the launch of the zero-commission trading platform may attract more musicians to join in.

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The company’s prospectus disclosed that NetEase Cloud Music had more than 300,000 independent musicians as of the first half of 2021, ranking  first in the industry. In June 2021, the music tracks of registered independent musicians accounted for more than 47% of all music streaming media plays on the platform.