NetEase Cloud Music and Rock Records Initiate Strategic Cooperation

On March 30, 2023, NetEase Cloud Music announced the renewal agreement with Rock Records and both parties initiated deep strategic cooperation. NetEase Cloud Music will continue to provide users with all music works under Rock Records.

In addition, NetEase Cloud Music will also obtain the transfer authorization rights of Rock Records’ music works, providing copyright authorization services for various scenarios such as third-party apps, website background music, and smart hardware.

In the past few years of cooperation, NetEase Cloud Music and Rock Records have achieved remarkable results in artist promotion and high-quality content promotion. Many legendary Chinese music artists under Rock Records are loved by audiences, especially among young people whose enthusiasm continues to rise.

In the new phase of collaboration, NetEase Cloud Music will also engage in deeper copyright cooperation with Rock Records to explore innovative practices in areas such as user experience enhancement and deepening commercial value through music copyrights.

Rock Records was founded in 1980 and has a significant position in the Chinese music industry. Over the past 40 years, Rock Records has discovered and nurtured numerous legendary figures in Chinese music who have left many classic works during their time with Rock Records. These works are not only unforgettable memories of youth for several generations but also opened up the “golden age” of the Chinese music industry, greatly enhancing the influence of Chinese music.

In recent years, the new generation of artists from Rock Records have grown rapidly and have a wide audience among young people. In addition, Rock Records has also been deeply involved in the field of segmented music genres such as electronic music that are popular among young people. They launched the electronic music label ROKON, discovering many high-quality artists and injecting vitality into the development of electronic music in China.

It is reported that Rock Records owns a wealth of music copyrights. These songs are widely popular among users on NetEase Cloud Music, with many song comments exceeding 100,000. Some individual song comment sections have even surpassed 230,000 comments, and many users share their emotional stories and life insights here.

NetEase Cloud Music is a leading online music platform in China and also the most popular music platform among the younger generation in China. Its unique music community attribute not only effectively enhances the efficiency of music content distribution, but also helps to strengthen the interaction between Rock Records’ artists and young user groups.

In 2022, the monthly active user on NetEase Cloud Music platform reached 189 million. The average daily listening time for active users was 78.9 minutes. Over 33.4% of user song plays came from platform recommendations, which changed traditional listening habits and created a community interaction atmosphere.

NetEase Cloud Music was officially listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on December 2, 2021 with stock code 9899, becoming the first global music community to go public. Currently, the platform has reached copyright cooperation agreements with many domestic and foreign music companies. As of the end of 2022, it has a total authorized song library of 116 million.

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The cooperation between NetEase and Rock Records has a long history. In 2018, NetEase obtained its music copyright content. On March 31, 2020, NetEase announced a strategic partnership with Rock Records. The two parties will carry out deep and diversified cooperation in the upstream and downstream fields of music, such as music copyright, artist discovery and cultivation, deep development of music IP, music creation, music performances, online karaoke.

In 2022, the two parties will collaborate on the “Rolling Stone Hits Band, 40 Groups Compete for Classics” project and invite famous Chinese bands and singers to participate. Among them are some classic works that have been well received by users.

In the future, NetEase Cloud Music will continue to actively promote cooperation with upstream copyright holders, constantly providing Chinese music enthusiasts with more high-quality music content and a better music consumption experience.