MWC 2023: Chinese Electronics Companies Showcase IoT and Promote 5G

MWC 2023 came to an end on March 2. Global consumer electronics companies showcased their products at the event, including Huawei, Honor, Xiaomi, and other Chinese companies in the mobile communication industry.

Tuya Smart

Tuya Smart, a global IoT (Internet of Things) development platform provider, highlighted three innovative products at MWC 2023: the Sharp Scooter EM-KS1, the DELIVERIES Uark Mini smart delivery box, and OTC (over the counter) earphones. Tuya staff at the exhibition booth noted that, as a leader in the IoT field, Tuya’s global expansion is concentrated in developed countries and regions. In addition to the North American region, it is also actively expanding to Western Europe, Central Europe, and other areas with commercial prospects. Tuya’s core businesses encompass network module production and intelligent hardware exports.

Tuya’s Intelligent Pet Feeder (Source: ShineGlobal)

“Tuya is a leading company in the IoT field. However, in the field of smart home appliances, including smart lamps, smart door locks, and smart thermostats, we face tough competition,” said a Tuya staff member.

According to a research report by Berg Insight, an IoT analysis company, the number of smart home appliances in Europe and North America reached 105 million in 2021. That year, smart home appliances in North America increased by 13.0% year-over-year. Continued market growth is expected over the next few years. Berg Insight estimated that about 74.6 million households in North America will have smart home appliances by 2026, equivalent to 50% of all households on the continent. In terms of market penetration, the European market lags behind North America. It is estimated that by the end of 2026, about 100 million households will use smart home appliances. In North America and Europe, IoT platforms continue to have wide development prospects.

A United System for Hotels Launched by Tuya (Source: ShineGlobal)

Unitree Robotics

Unitree Robotics, a high-performance robot developer based in Hangzhou, also participated in MWC 2023. Founded in August 2016, Unitree Robotics produces and sells consumer-grade high-performance quadruped robots and smart six-axis mechanical arms, and is one of the earliest companies in the world to commercialize quadruped robots.

Unitree Robotics staff revealed that the company provides thousands of intelligent robots to the global market each year. Unitree’s robots are used for performance, programming education, assembly line inspection, operations in hazardous settings, and many other applications. The company holds a leading position in the global field of quadruped robots due to its capabilities in R&D and mass production.

Quadruped Robot Shown by Unitree Robotics (Source: ShineGlobal)


Fiberhome, an internationally renowned provider of communication equipment and solutions, exhibited their achievements in the mobile communication field at MWC 2023. Its staff described Fiberhome’s commitment to providing information technology solutions for third world countries, with industrial bases in Southeast Asia and North Africa. Its products and services cover more than 70 countries around the world, helping operators build better, faster, and stronger digital networks.

Bridging the Digital Divide

“Bridging the digital divide” was one of the main themes of MWC 2023. Chinese mobile communication companies have contributed to a variety of solutions for the challenge.

Huawei exhibited its barrier-free technology system. The compatible and efficient HarmonyOS built around its consumer electronic products features AI subtitles, larger fonts, text-to-voice reading, and other functions aimed at greater accessibility and convenience for people with disabilities.

Another theme was “Connecting the world, living a better and smarter life.” Telecom carrier China Unicom exhibited its plans and achievements in high-speed information network construction and expansion in rural areas. At present, China Unicom has enabled internet connectivity in 95% of villages in China and built digital management platforms for more than 250,000 villages.

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Nearly all Chinese companies at the exhibition believe that 5G continues to be the future of the mobile communication industry. According to the Global System for Mobile Communications Association (GSMA), as of 2022, over one billion people around the world are connected by 5G, which will increase to about 1.5 billion this year and reach two billion by the end of 2025. By 2029, 5G will surpass 4G to become the world’s leading mobile communication technology. Holographic videos, enterprise cloud services, private mobile networks, passive IoT technologies, and integrated sensing and communication technologies will all develop rapidly under the impetus of 5G.