Model Ys Produced by Tesla’s Shanghai Factory Officially Delivered in Europe

As of August 23rd, Tesla has officially started to deliver to Europe the Model Ys produced in its Giga Shanghai factory.

The Model Y SUV model was released in March 2020 but it took almost a whole year before Tesla began to deliver its first batch of Model Ys in the United States. For European buyers, they were able to purchase the Model Y until the Fremont factory started shipping them to the European continent.

Later, Tesla adjusted its strategy. Only after the Giga Shanghai and the Giga Berlin realized localized production, would it start delivering the Model Ys in the markets in which they were produced.

The production of the Model Y at Giga Berlin was previously scheduled to start in July but was delayed due to the release of its final permit. Tesla, however, is giving priority to Model Y deliveries in Europe that are due in Q3 by tapping into exports from Shanghai.

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According to media reports, the daily output of Model Ys from Tesla’s Giga Shanghai has reached 1,000 units, exceeding its Model 3 production. In July this year, the Shanghai factory exported 24,347 vehicles including 16,137 Model 3s and 8,210 Model Ys.