Mobvoi Officially Submitted Its Listing Application to the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong

On May 30th, The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong documents showed that the artificial intelligence company Mobvoi submitted an IPO application to the exchange, aiming to become the first AIGC stock. China International Capital Corporation and CMB International Capital Holdings are joint sponsors.

Mobvoi’s founder and CEO, Zhifei Li, is a computer science Ph.D. graduate from Johns Hopkins University in the United States. He has previously worked as a scientist at Google headquarters and is an expert in natural language processing and artificial intelligence.

Since founding Mobvoi in 2012, Li Zhifei, an AI scientist with work experience at Google, has been highly sought after by capital. To date, the company has received over $250 million in investment across seven rounds from investors including Sequoia China Investment Management LLP, SAI (SIG), Goertek and GV (formerly known as Google Ventures).

The prospectus shows that Mobvoi is a leading AI company with generative AI and voice interaction technology as its core business. According to the report by China Insights Consultancy, Mobvoi is one of the few AI companies in Asia with the ability to establish universal large models. Based on the 2022 AIGC solution revenue calculation, Mobvoi is one of China’s earliest and highest-revenue AI companies focused on AIGC technology.”

As of the final feasible date, since 2020, Mobvoi has provided services to over 10 million users worldwide, including content creators, enterprises and consumers, while AIGC solutions have attracted over 6 million registered users worldwide.

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At the same time, in enterprise-related scenarios, since 2020, more than 2 million cars have been pre-installed with Mobvoi’s car voice interaction solution. In consumer-related scenarios, since 2020, Mobvoi’s AIoT smart devices have accumulated sales of over 1 million units.

Previously, there were reports that Mobvoi planned to raise funds of up to $200-300 million USD. The Kapbook shows that the funds will be used to continuously improve modeling technology for model training. By introducing world-leading technology and talent in the next few years, vertical optimization of underlying basic models will be carried out, and existing program algorithms for improving solutions will be improved.