Mobileye Announces Partnership with Zeekr, to Launch L4 Unmanned Vehicle

On Tuesday, Mobileye, an autonomous driving division of Intel, said that it planned to release a product in China together with Zeekr backed by Geely Holdings in 2024. The company claims that this will be the world’s first car with mostly driverless functions.

At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, the two companies said that, although the vehicle will still have a steering wheel and require its driver to have with a driver’s license, the car will have the L4-class self-driving function. Thus, even without assistance from the operator, the vehicle will be able to cope with many road conditions on its own.

The new car will use Mobileye’s Drive technology and redundant braking and use Geely’s SEA architecture for steering and power. Under the concept of open “EyeQ”, the system can be effectively integrated with Zeekr’s software technology. The autonomous vehicle will be powered by six EyeQ 5 system chips to handle everything from the True Redundancy sensing of Mobileye to the driving strategy based on responsibility sensitive safety (RSS). Further, the vehicle will feature the open collaborative model of the brand-new Road Experience Management mapping technology.

In addition, Mobileye will strengthen its R&D capabilities as they pertain to China. It will establish a local data center and strengthen its local team to support its fast-growing business in China.

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Mobileye and Zeekr have cooperated on the Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) before. This time, their cooperation will further strengthen the long-term strategic technical partnership between the two companies. In the future, based on an open cooperation framework, Mobileye and Zeekr will also work together for a safer and more efficient travel.

In August this year, Zeekr Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., signed an agreement with five ecological partners, including Intel Capital, CATL, Bilibili, Hongshang Group and Boyu Capital, which was led by Intel Capital. 

An Conghui, CEO of Zeekr Intelligent Technology at that time, also revealed that Zeekr will team up with Mobileye to jointly develop the next generation of products which should see the market sometime around 2023.