Mobike Reached Strategic Partnership with Shouqi Limousine & Chauffeur

One account can be used in both Mobike and Shouqi Limousine &Chauffeur and which do you prefer, this combination or Didi +ofo?

Today, Mobike announced its cooperation with Shouqi(首汽约车). They will cooperate in APP docking, service connectivity, user synergizing, brand marketing and technology R&D. If users upgrade to latest version of Mobike APP, they can hail Shouqi cars in Mobike APP.

As the first step of cooperation, Mobike will add car hailing entrance in its latest version of APP. Users can hail Shouqi cars without switching APPs and check vehicle position and route in Mobike APP. After the travel, users can pay the fare through Mobike balance or WeChat payment.

Since September 28, Mobike’s latest car-hailing service will be available in several cities, including Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu and Wuhan, and will then expand to more cities. At the same time, the latest version of Mobike APP 6.0.0 will be launched on Apple’s APP Store and android APP Store on September 28. Users will be able to use the car-hailing service after upgrading Mobike APP.

Shouqi Limousine & Chauffeur’s landing in Mobike APP could both solve “the last kilometer” travel problem and also meet the demand of other users through hailing Shouqi cars, so as to better solve the problem of scenery travel. On the other hand, having synergized with Mobike users, Shouqi will be able to cover users of richer levels and enhance its user growth rate and adhesiveness.

So far, Mobike has entered more than 180 cities in eight countries and has operated more than 7 million smart sharing bikes. With more than 150 million registered users globally, Mobike offers over 30 million rides daily.

Shouqi Limousine & Chauffeur has launched service in 51 cities in China and has received offline business qualifications in 34 cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. Shouqi has obtained 001 offline service abilities in 22 cities including Beijing, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Chongqing. And Shouqi has had three certificates of platform, driver and vehicle respectively in 17 cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Anshan, Nanchang, Ningbo, Chongqing, Wuxi, Nanjing, and Wenzhou.

Finally, one account can be used in both Mobike and Shouqi Limousine &Chauffeur and which do you prefer, this combination or Didi +ofo?


This article originally appeared in Chuangtou News and was translated by Pandaily.

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