MIIT to Cancel Ideal ONE Tax-free Purchase, Li Auto: 2020 Models Remain Unsold

On October 19, the official website of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology released a catalogue of new energy vehicle models that are to be exempted from its vehicle tax-free purchase list. Among them include Li Auto‘s Ideal ONE numbered LXA6500SHEVM3 and LXA6500SHEVM5.

Models appeared in this catalogue also include BYD’s Song, Tang and Han vehicle models.

In this regard, Li Auto said that the two model codes that are listed this time are 2020 models, which have never been mass produced and sold. The models removed from the list will not affect the sales of vehicles made in 2021 and that the latter would still be exempted from a purchase tax.

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Ideal ONE is an intelligent electric medium- and large-sized SUV launched by Li Auto in October 2018. The vehicle is equipped with extended-range electric technology and has a battery life of 180 kilometers. The SUV was first delivered in December 2019 and in September 2021 alone saw 7,094 vehicles delivered, up 102.5% year-on-year.