Mihoyo Announces “Zenless Zone Zero” Game for PC and Console Platforms!

On September 24th, miHoYo (HoYoverse) brought the latest information about “Genshin Impact,” “Honkai: Star Rail,” “Honkai Impact 3,” “Tears of Themis,” and “Zenless Zone Zero” at the Tokyo Game Show 2023.

Mihoyo has officially confirmed that “Zenless Zone Zero” will be available on consoles and PC platforms in the future, while previously only a mobile version of the game was confirmed.

At present, the official has not disclosed more specific information, such as the game release date, which gaming platforms it will be available on, and whether data will be interoperable across different platforms. Further reports will be provided in due course.

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“Zenless Zone Zero” is a modern urban-themed fantasy action game that combines various gameplay elements such as RPG and pigeon meat. Players take on the role of an investigator, recruiting new members to fight against enemies while helping others explore dangerous parallel worlds. By combining the abilities of different members, players can unleash powerful combos and deal more damage.

At present, the game “Zenless Zone Zero” has already started accepting pre-orders on its official website, with the total number of pre-orders exceeding 10 million.