Mercedes-Benz and Geely’s Smart #1 to Be Launched June 6

Smart, a joint venture between Mercedes-Benz and Geely, announced that the Smart #1, an electric small SUV, will be launched on June 6. At the end of April, the firm opened the model for pre-orders, costing between 190,000 yuan and 230,000 yuan ($28,484-$34,481) after subsidies.

Smart #1 is the first mass production model to be launched following the electric transformation of the Smart brand. As part of this collaboration, Mercedes-Benz is responsible for the design, while Smart’s own team leads the engineering R&D, which is based on the architecture of Geely’s SEA pure electric platform. According to its official website, Smart was established in 2019 and is now held by Mercedes-Benz and Geely.

The new car is equipped with a battery temperature control system, and is the largest model in Smart’s product line. Its length, width and height are 4270*1822*1636 mm, with a wheelbase of 2750mm. The car has a drag coefficient of only 0.29.

(Source: Smart)

The Smart #1 is equipped with rear motors, with a maximum power of 200kW and a peak torque of 343 Nm. It has 66kWh ternary lithium batteries and its maximum CLTC cruising range is 560 km with a zero to one hundred acceleration of 6.7 seconds. The car is equipped with an ADAS intelligent assisted driving system, and supports adaptive cruise control, lane keeping assist, blind spot detection, traffic jam assistant and OTA upgrades.

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In AC slow charging mode, it takes 7.5 hours to charge to 80%, while in DC fast charging mode, it can be charged to 80% within 30 minutes with the help of a 150kW charging pile, and with an ordinary fast charging pile, the time will be within 40 minutes.

In terms of design, the Smart #1 adopts frameless doors, hidden door handles, aerodynamic kits and a three-spoke steering wheel. The front spare compartment has a volume of 15L, the trunk compartment has a volume of 323L under normal conditions, and the rear seats support sliding back and forth by 13cm. After being laid down in a 4/6 ratio, the trunk compartment volume can be increased to 986L.