Meituan’s Logistics Drone Factory Has Started Production in Shenzhen

After more than two years of normal operation, on September 19th, Meituan officially launched its unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) intelligent manufacturing center in Longhua District, Shenzhen. The center will be responsible for the research and development verification, trial production, mass production, and maintenance of Meituan‘s self-developed UAVs and supporting intelligent modules. It has the capacity to produce over ten thousand units of intelligent equipment annually.

Since then, Meituan has achieved the integration of the entire chain from research and development design, production manufacturing, operation management to maintenance services. In the future, it will utilize highly automated and intelligent production methods to meet its growing demand for high-quality transportation vehicles.

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According to the introduction, Meituan‘s unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) intelligent manufacturing center has automated production capabilities such as automatic welding, screwing, robotic arm coordination, automatic riveting, laser marking, laser height sensing, plasma treatment, air tightness testing, and visual inspection. In the production process, tasks ranging from screw fastening to complete machine inspection can be automatically completed by machines. The intelligent manufacturing center also deploys an advanced manufacturing execution system (MES) that manages the UAV production process, collects data and ensures quality traceability. It includes facilities such as a visual calibration laboratory, quality laboratory and outdoor test flight field for testing purposes. This significantly improves product efficiency and stability while ensuring the safety and reliability of each device leaving the factory.

As of the end of August 2023, Meituan‘s unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) have been deployed in 7 business districts and 17 routes in cities such as Shenzhen and Shanghai. They can provide drone delivery services to 14 office buildings in communities and 4 AAAAA-rated scenic spots, with a total of over 184,000 completed user orders.