Meituan Launched First Drone Delivery Route in Shanghai’s Yangpu District

On December 27, the first drone delivery route operated by Meituan was initiated in Yangpu District, Shanghai. This service allows customers to opt for drone delivery when ordering takeout, and promises a delivery time of 15 minutes for a distance of 3 kilometers.

The introduction of this drone route by Meituan is expected to enhance the user experience by reducing delivery times. Moreover, it could potentially alleviate the pressure of fulfilling numerous orders within the region.

The area around Wujiaochang Heshenghui, a business hub with complex road traffic, could particularly benefit from this service. Drone delivery could mitigate the impact of road traffic fluctuations on delivery efficiency, ensuring timely deliveries even during peak hours. Items with high delivery efficiency requirements, like fried buns and hot coffee, could be delivered minutes after packaging, helping maintain their freshness.

Meituan has so far opened 22 drone delivery routes within mainland China. Meituan‘s drone team is reportedly exploring innovative models of collaboration between drones and delivery personnel. The company’s intelligent dispatch system is designed to analyze real-time order situations, assigning orders that are challenging to deliver or require swift delivery to drones.

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