Meituan Establishes the Platform Product Department

On March 18, Meituan platform issued an internal announcement, announcing the establishment of a new Platform Product Department and appointing Tao Xuexuan as the head of this department. At the same time, the company integrated resources and established a Design Department under the Platform Product Department. This department will gather resources from various design departments such as in-store and at-home services, with Zhang Guozhong, former head of the in-store design department, appointed as the director of the new Design Department.

Meanwhile, Meituan also carried out team integration in key areas such as user growth and operations, user experience and governance, and enterprise business. Zhou Mo, Teng Fuchun, and Kang Kai were appointed as responsible persons for each respective area.

In February this year, Meituan CEO Wang Xing had already conducted an organizational restructuring within the company. Meituan consolidated multiple core local business-related operations and further prioritized technology and internationalization-related businesses. The main adjustments included: In terms of core local business operations – integrating at-home service groupings; in-store service groupings; Meituan platform; basic research & development to report to Wang Puzhong (Senior Vice President). Dianping (public review site), SaaS (Software-as-a-Service), bike-sharing services, power bank rental services will be overseen by Senior Vice President Zhang Chuan. Drone-related activities & overseas businesses will report directly to Wang Xing.

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