Meituan Cooperates With Over 1,100 Apple Authorized Stores in China

On September 8, with the end of Apple’s new product launch event, Meituan, a local life service platform, announced that it will continue to work with local Apple authorized stores throughtout China. The company will launch deliveries in more than 200 cities with the support of more than 1,100 authorized stores across the country.

Apple is set to launch its new iPhone 14 series on September 16. Users in China can search for “iPhone” on the Meituan App and then enter the nearest online Apple-Authorized store. After placing an order online, Meituan will deliver their package within 30 minutes at the earliest. Delivery fees will be waived for iPhone 14 purchases, while users can also apply for an interest-free payment plan over a 12 month period.

Previously, once the newest iPhone models were released, “how to get the new iPhone as quickly as possible” became an issue that plagued many people. In previous years, people either needed to go to the offline Apple stores and wait in long queues or make an appointment on an e-commerce platform. In the past two years, users started to be able “order a phone like they do for food delivery, and new iPhone products can be delivered in half an hour.”

With the rise of on-demand retail and delivery platforms, “buying a smartphone like ordering food” has become a new choice for more and more young people. Meituan‘s data confirms this. According to the firm’s statistics, from January to August this year, the sales volume of Apple products and iPhones on Meituan increased by 437% and 850% respectively.

 According to Meituan‘s own statistics, from January to August this year, the highest-selling Apple products were the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro Max, iPhone 13 Pro, EarPods, charging adapter, USB-C adapter, AirPods Pro wireless headphones, and iPads.

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In fact, since 2020, Meituan has successively reached deals with many smartphone manufacturers, responding to users’ on-demand needs and providing consumers with smartphone purchases and delivery services. In April 2020, hundreds of Huawei authorized stores selling the brand’s P40 smartphone series joined Meituan; In October 2020, Meituan agreed to work with Apple’s authorized stores in many cities across China; In October 2021, Xiaomi also started its own pilot cooperation with Meituan.