Meituan, ByteDance, and Baidu Launch AIGC Products

TikTok parent company ByteDance, food delivery giant Meituan and tech giant Baidu have recently launched their own AI-generated content (AIGC) products, Tech Planet reported on February 27.

ByteDance launched an AI painting function in its news and information content platform Toutiao, and officially promoted the long-tested AI composition tool “Sponge Band” in TikTok’s sister app Douyin. Meituan launched a similar AI painting feature in its app, while Baidu launched an AI social product “Xiaokan Planet” to create an AI virtual chat community.

AI painting is the most extensive field of AIGC technology to date. In Toutiao, users only need to take or upload a picture, and they can generate comic pictures with one click, after which they can be published as posts within the app.

After entering Meituan‘s AI painting application, users can define the picture theme they want according to tags provided by the system. The picture will then be generated and able to be shared with their friends. The pics that stand out the most will be included in the program’s “gallery” section and displayed to other users.

AI arrangement is also a widely used field within AIGC technology. “Sponge Band”, which ByteDance has been testing for a long time, not only helps with the usual sound and sound effects recording, but also introduces a lot of AI functions to help users create their own works, reducing the difficulty of use and improving the efficiency of making an original creation.

Baidu‘s AI virtual chat community “Xiaokan Planet” allows users to have a simple chat with virtual people. Although it can’t achieve high-level AI chat, it is a big step for the tech giant that is planning to launch a new generation of its large language model Ernie Bot in March.

To date, AI in China has largely been a technical concept that is invisible, intangible and not perceptible to most users. However, in recent years, some AI technologies have been applied to serve individual consumers, including AI writing, painting, games, programming, audio and video editing, which has narrowed the distance between technologies and users.

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At present, the competition of Internet giants in AI talent recruitment is hugely fierce in China. One headhunter said that he began to recruit natural language processing engineers for a company in early February, and received nearly 100 resumes in just three days. At present, the company commissioned the headhunter to recruit more talent in algorithms, and even made it clear that it needs talents with experience in AI products for individual consumers.