Manjitech Secures Nearly 100 Million Yuan in A-Round Financing, Yunqi Partners a Leading Investor

On Friday, Shanghai Manjitech Information Technology Co., Ltd., a SaaS provider for medical education and training, completed A-round financing totaling nearly 100 million yuan ($15.68 million), with Yunqi Partners serving as lead investor. The funds will be used to upgrade the iterative cloud platform, deepen professional medical content and further expand regional markets.

Founded in July 2014, Manjitech is an internet service operator for medical education. It is committed to R&D and focuses on providing comprehensive solutions for medical schools, hospitals and lifelong vocational education. It provides high-quality, efficient and professional medical education services for medical institutions.

According to the Statistical Announcement on the Development of Health in China in 2020, issued by the National Health Commission, by the end of 2020, there were 4.086 million practicing (assistant) doctors, 4.709 million registered nurses and 791,000 doctors and health workers in rural areas. Recently, a notice entitled 2021 Physician Qualification Examination Starts issued by the National Medical Examination Center shows that 930,000 people registered online for the test in 2020, up by nearly 300,000 from than that in 2019, during which 670,000 people registered.

Medical education and training is an important step for medical students after graduation. There is great market demand and potential in this space. A learning ecosystem enables doctors to learn independently and on the initiative, and improve medical services ability by acquiring more knowledge.

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Facing the trend of digital reform of medical institutions and the shortage of high-quality medical education resources, Manjitech combines medical education and training with information technology, improves teaching efficiency through online learning, livestreaming teaching, big data analysis and more. It also cooperates with leading medical institutions to export high-quality teaching resources and teaching practice for the industry.

At present, the teaching and training platform of Manjitech has served hundreds of leading hospitals such as Zhongshan Hospital at Fudan University, and dozens of medical colleges such as Army Medical University.