Livestreaming Entertainment Firm Inke Rebrands as Inkeverse

Beijing-based internet firm Inke Limited officially changed its name to Inkeverse Group Limited on Wednesday. With this rebranding, it will aim to become an interactive entertainment group covering four major business segments: livestreaming, love and marriage, social interaction and the metaverse.

According to public information, the first product of Inke Limited, Inke Livestreaming, was launched in 2015, creating a mobile livestreaming trend in the Chinese market. In July 2018, the firm was successfully listed in Hong Kong.

Inke has been preparing its metaverse business for a long time. As early as October 2021, the company began to prepare for full entry into the metaverse arena. According to the Trademark Office of China National Intellectual Property Administration, the company submitted an application for the trademark registration of Inke Metaverse in the same month. Up to April 19, 2022, the company had submitted 139 trademark registration applications related to metaverse, including Inke Metaverse, Metaverse INKE, Inke Universe, INKEVERSE and so on.

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On May 16 of this year, it officially started its metaverse business layout. At the same time, based on the group vision of “committed to creating a new social platform for the whole scenario,” it launched the first so-called metaverse love app, “Both Love,” also launching a new project called “Hoot Labs” focusing on overseas NFT businesses. Then, on May 18, 2022, the Inke app launched the first metaverse karaoke platform, “Virtual Panoramic Karaoke.”

On May 23, only one week after the official announcement of its metaverse business, Inke set up a subsidiary called “Hunan Inkeverse Technology Co., Ltd.” The new company is 100% controlled by Hunan Inke Interactive Entertainment Network Information Co., Ltd., and Hunan Inke Interactive Entertainment is a subsidiary of Beijing Milaiwu Network Technology Co., Ltd., the main body of Inke Limited.