LinkSure and China Telecom Partner Up to Grant Access to Safe Public “Love WiFi”

In July 2019, LinkSure Network teamed up with China Telecom to give users access to “Love WiFi,” an internet service by the latter, through LinkSure’s Wifi Master Key app. “Love WiFi” grants internet access in numerous hotels, restaurants and other public places in 215 cities across China.

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After getting authenticated via a mobile phone, users can access the secure network for free. “Love WiFi” has been developing for over five years and currently has more than 4.4 million hotspots nationwide, covering hotels, restaurants, businesses, transportation hubs, hospitals and other public service areas.

LinkSure’s WiFi Master Key is a service that connects people to Wi-Fi hotspots for free and is one of China’s most popular network apps, nestling in the top charts with Tencent’s WeChat messenger and Alibaba’s digital wallet Alipay. According to a report from app tracking service App Annie, WiFi Master Key was China’s fifth most popular app by monthly active users in 2018.

While providing high-quality network services, WiFi Master Key guarantees a secure network to users and is developing a technology to detect networks that may pose a security risk. It can measure the risk level of the hotspot connected to the user, help identify any unsafe wireless connections and verify those that are secure.

WiFi Master Key passed the “National Information Security Level Protection Level 3” assessment, China’s national assessment system for evaluating network security. The third level is the highest and most secure rating for internet security in the country and is the minimum level required for banks and other public institutions.