Li Auto’s New L8 SUV to Have Five and Six-Seat Versions

Chinese new energy vehicle brand Li Auto‘s flagship smart L9 SUV officially started delivery on August 30, and the brand’s next products have become the focus of attention. On August 15, firm CEO Li Xiang said on social media that “the speed of the Li L8 from release to delivery will exceed that of L9,” and “don’t buy Li ONE now if you are waiting for the L8.”

On August 31, Li revealed on Chinese social media platforms that the Li L8 will be available in six-seat and five-seat models, and that the “Pro” and “Max” models will be provided according to different hardware and software configurations of assisted driving and intelligent cockpits.

Li also wrote: “Pro and Max models offer six-seat and five-seat VIP versions. The Pro model corresponds to the combination of AD Pro and SS Pro, and the Max model will be the combination of AD Max and SS Max. AD Max refers to a dual Orin X + lidar + full set of safety redundancy, while AD Pro is the world first of a new AD chip with high performance, and its cost performance is extremely high.”

Li L9 (Source: Li Auto)

The Pro and Max models represent two different configuration combinations of smart vehicles. “AD” refers to assisted driving and “SS” means intelligent cockpit. According to the information disclosed by Li Xiang, the Li L8 will provide a variety of configuration options. The combination of software and hardware of the Max model may refer to the configuration of the Li L9, while the Pro model will adopt a brand-new AD chip, which will likely be a chip by Horizon Robotics.

According to the previous plan of Li Auto, its Li L8 model will be launched this year, which is still an extended-range model, and spy photos of the new car have also been exposed by Chinese web users. The photos show that the design language of the front face of the new car is very similar to the Li L9, with star ring headlights running through the front, split light sets and hidden door handles.

A spy photo of Li L8 (Source: Weibo)

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Given that Li Xiang revealed that the car will have six-seat and five-seat models, the new car is likely to be positioned in the medium-to-large SUV field. As for the fastback design discussed by netizens, Li Xiang said that “there is no big fastback, but the proportion of the five-seat VIP version is more similar to Bentley Bentayga.”

Li Auto‘s new cars will be positioned in the price range of 200,000-500,000 yuan ($28,958 – $72,395), with a key product in every 100,000 price range, including pure electric models and extended-range models.