Li Auto Responds to Incident Involving Burned Vehicle

In response to the reports that a Li One caught on fire on the highway and was burned to its frame, Li Auto’s customer service confirmed the matter to the domestic media on August 2, and said that the company had set up a special investigation team.

According to a domestic news outlet, on the afternoon of August 1, an incident involving a sedan occurred on the Sichuan G93 Chengdu-Chongqing Ring Expressway in which the vehicle in question was reported to be a Li One. After the fire was extinguished, only the vehicle’s frame remained. Some passengers were injured in the accident and were sent to hospital.

(Source: Weibo)

Judging from online videos, the fire was not within the engine compartment or the bottom of the vehicle, but seemed to have ignited from the cabin, so netizens speculate that the fire was not related to the battery or range extender, but may be due to some flammable materials stored within the vehicle itself. After the incident, the door was already open and the driver was no longer in the vehicle.

(Source: Weibo user @Xiao Dang)

Another video from the scene shows that after the traffic police arrived, a female passenger was sent to the police car because of suspected injuries while several other passengers were waiting at the scene. The entire Li One vehicle had caught fire, and there was a fire extinguisher at the scene.

Traffic police said that the cause of the fire is under further investigation and there is no clear conclusion yet.

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In addition, when asked whether there are relevant compensation policies for the concerned car owner and other Li One owners, the company’s customer service said that there is no relevant treatment at present. “This special situation occurred all of a sudden, and the company is investigating. It is necessary to confirm whether the reason is personal or vehicle-related. Things have not been investigated clearly, so we [customer service] have not received relevant treatment yet. The company will take responsibility for any problems caused by auto parts.”

As the first model of Li Auto, the Li One has been loved by home users since its launch. According to the latest data released on August 1st, 10,422 Li One vehicles were delivered in July 2022, up 21.3% year-on-year, and the cumulative delivery volume of the vehicle reached 194,913 units. On the same day, the 200,000 th Li One rolled off the assembly line at the EV maker’s Changzhou base.