Li Auto Launches Battery Charging Map Service

New energy vehicle firm Li Auto announced on August 13 its launch of a battery charging map service in China. The firm aggregates high-quality charging resources and provides users with convenient energy replenishment choices. The service supports charging before paying, and users can enjoy benefits of deducting service fees with virtual points.

Users in China can open the Li Auto app and click “Charge” to enter the map. The search results can be screened according to charging methods and free parking options, and can be sorted according to distance and price for users to select the charging station suitable for them. They can also view the charging station information and navigate to it. Users can charge first then pay, and the service also supports password-free payment and one-click invoicing. The charging points can also deduct charging and service fees.

According to Li Auto, the service aims to solve two major problems reflected by the firm’s customers. Many battery charging apps are not aggregated, and it is inconvenient to quickly find piles. The other is that before charging, many apps require users to pre-recharge, which is complicated and causes worries.

At the same time, Li Auto‘s official app and car system can realize deeper interconnection and further reduce the difficulty of use.

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The Li Auto charging map is based on a cooperation between YKC Clean Energy Technology Company and Li Auto, and the two sides have realized resource exchange and traffic interconnection through product technology collaboration, which helps to build a practice of providing intelligent pile finding and fast charging services for Li Auto users.

According to data released by Li Auto, on August 1 of this year, the 200,000th Li ONE went offline at its Changzhou Production Base, setting a record for manufacturing 200,000 vehicles as the fastest single model in China. In order to better serve Li Auto users, the company will build a national charging map featuring intelligence, convenience and aggregation.