Li Auto Enthusiasts Gathering, Multiple Cars Rear-End Collision in A Row

On June 15th, it was reported online that multiple Li Auto vehicles were involved in a chain rear-end collision on a certain section of road in Shantou, Guangdong, attracting attention from netizens.

On June 16, Li Auto‘s Intelligent Driving Product Manager Han Ling responded to the incident, stating that the cause of the accident was slippery roads due to rain and following cars being too close.

At that time, it was a gathering of Li Auto‘s Shantou car club. About a dozen cars were driving in formation. The lead car stopped at a red light to slow down, and several cars in the rear convoy with closer following distances experienced a chain-rear-end collision accident, involving a total of 5 damaged vehicles.

The vehicles triggered collision warning and AEB before the collision. Due to a car behind driving at high speed, following too closely to the front car, combined with slippery road conditions due to rain, a collision occurred. The occupants in the vehicle immediately took evasive actions.

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