Li Auto CEO Li Xiang: Reasons for Delaying Launch Sentry Mode

On April 23rd, Li Xiang, CEO of Li Auto stated in a post that the release of Sentry mode was delayed for several months due to compatibility issues with the car model.

On April 24th, Li Auto L series models officially started OTA 4.4 upgrade push, adding 28 functions and optimizing 20 experiences, including the new Sentry mode and LKA Plus.

Li Xiang said: “The Sentry mode was delayed for a few months, but it’s finally here. Initially, the Sentry mode was developed on the OrinX computing platform and has even been completed.”

“However, we found two problems. Firstly, the power consumption of the dual OrinX is very high and it reduces the pure electric mileage by a lot overnight. Secondly, only Max models can use it. So we have rewritten the code to develop a new sentinel mode so that Air, Pro and Max models can all use it.”

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On the evening of April 23rd, Li Xiang posted on Weibo that he has always been against Sentry Mode personally. He believes that it increases car owners’ anxiety and troubles instead.

At the software level, it is completely user-oriented without any need for compromise. Whatever can be provided will be given. As of press time, the previous Weibo post has been deleted.