Lenovo Vice President Steps Down Due to Family Reasons

The Lenovo Group on Tuesday officially responded to the rumors about Chang Cheng, a vice president, leaving his position.

According to Lenovo Group, Chang Cheng has been struggling for a long time in the highly competitive mobile phone sector, enduring tremendous business pressure, which led to him becoming isolated from his family. The former VP decided to step down from his position for health and family reasons. He will continue to contribute to Lenovo’s mobile business as a consultant to Lenovo Mobile.

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The company also announced that mobile business operations will be taken over by by Zhao Yunming, vice president and head of Lenovo’s Asia-Pacific emerging markets. Chen Jin, who has extensive experience in marketing at Lenovo Mobile in China, will assist Zhao in advancing the development of mobile services in China.

Chang Cheng joined Lenovo in 2000 as the director of research and development of the laptop business unit. In 2011, he became the vice president and general manager of the company’s mobile end-to-end software platform and also participated in the development of the Lenovo Yoga Tablet PC and Lenovo K900 smartphone. In June 2015, he became CEO of the ZUK mobile phone brand.