League of Legends: Wild Rift to Accelerate Promotion of Independent Mobile E-sports Contests

Tencent E-sports held its annual launch event on July 26. Jin Yibo, the deputy general manager of the Interaction Entertainment Group’s K6 Cooperation Department and CEO of TJ Sports, introduced the latest progress of the League of Legends: Wild Rift regarding e-sports and its key events planning in the future.

In terms of competition system design, the Chinese mainland division has a relatively complete structure, with three major competitions: the Wild Rift League (WRL), the Wild Rift Tour (WRT) and the Wild Rift National (WRN). In addition, there are challenger contests for the WRT and the WRL.

Jin said that League of Legends mobile e-sports will accelerate the promotion of independent mobile e-sports in the second half of 2022, and it will expand relevant cooperations related to competition resources.

In recently-concluded contest The Wild Rift Icons Global Championship (ICONS 2022), the Chinese mainland division occupied three seats in the semi-finals, and Team Nv won the championship. In September this year, the new contest called The Wild Rift- Protectors of Ionia will be launched, and the WRL2 will be launched in October.

In 2022, WRL, a brand of League of Legends: Wild Rift’s professional league, was established and has made commercialization progress within one year. So far, it has cooperated with many brands including OnePlus, beverage brands Wahaha and Coca-Cola as well as German sports brand Puma.

Among them, Coca-Cola became the global founding partner of the WRL in March 2022, and jointly launched offline watching activities with the brand, both within China and abroad.

As for industry and social responsibility, the WRL cooperated with OnePlus to launch the “Recycling Plan for Competition Machines.” In terms of education, the WRL has held training camps for professional players to train their skills and physical fitness.

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The Global Esports Summit 2022 was held in Hangzhou on July 26, at which the 2022 Asian E-sports Industry Development Report was released. According to the report, the global e-sports audience is expected to reach 532 million by the end of 2022. At present, China has become the largest e-sports market in the world. It is expected that the global competition revenue will reach 1.384 billion dollars in 2022, in which China alone will provide about one-third for the global e-sports market.