League of Legends Developer Riot Games Agrees to Pay $100 Million Settlement in Gender Discrimination Lawsuit

Tencent-owned Riot Games announced on Monday that it is settling a 2018 gender-based discrimination class-action lawsuit with California state agencies and current and former female employees for $100 million.

The settlement stipulates that Riot will pay $80 million to all current and former employees and contractors who identify as women and worked for Riot at any time since November 2014. The payment will be distributed via a fund, pending court approval. A further $20 million will cover attorneys’ fees and miscellaneous expenses. Riot has also agreed to have its pay processes overseen by a third party for a period of three years.

The lawsuit was filed in November 2018 by former employees, alleging gender discrimination as well as sexual harassment and misconduct at Riot Games. Riot Games agreed to settle the suit in 2019 for $10 million, but California’s Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) intervened, arguing that victims should be entitled to as much as $400 million.

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Riot Games, maker of mega-popular games like League of Legends and Valorant, was founded in 2006. So far, League of Legends, has seen more than 27 million players every day. In December 2015, Tencent acquired  Riot Games.