Leading Chinese Video Platform Bilibili Releases Creator Copyright Protection Program

Bilibili announced today the launch of its video uploader copyright protection program, providing services including cross-platform infringement content detection and one-click rights protection for individual creators in the video platform.

The program aims at protecting the original works of Bilibili creators. After joining the program, uploaders can begin to import their original content into the detection program. Bilibili will automatically display any infringing video links on other video platforms and the estimated broadcast volume of infringing videos, and automatically track the infringement of newly added original works.

Specifically, after a creator clicks the rights protection button next to the infringement link, Bilibili will proactively help the video creator defend her/his rights through legal means. At the same time, the victim can track the real-time process of rights protection in the copyright protection program interface. At present, the program is open to creators who have accumulated a certain number of active fans and whose influence level in Bilibili reaches Lv5.

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Bilibili stated that all creators whose influence level is not up to standard can also take the initiative to submit infringing links on other video platforms by e-mail or by communicating with staff at Bilibili. The platform will start processing submitted infringing links within 3 working days, and inform the creator of the progress of rights protection by e-mail.