Kuaishou E-Commerce Introduces Business Support Plan

Recently, ByteDance’s rival Kuaishou officially launched a new initiative called “Warm Spring Plan 2022”. The promotion is an attempt to reduce the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on Kuaishou’s e-commerce merchants. The plan provides support in five areas including traffic, supplies, activities, policies and products.

In terms of traffic support, Kuaishou e-commerce recently helped merchants on their platform drive more traffic to their channels by way of higher media exposure. At present, an average of tens of thousands of live streamers enjoy traffic support every day on the platform.

The company also introduced several new categories, such as virtual goods, and local daily services, such as mobile recharge, entertainment memberships and recharging for cards and coupons in order to ease logistics pressures on merchants.

According to the company, local catering services increased by over 145% month-on-month in March this year. From March 20, Kuaishou e-commerce has driven more than 3,000 live streamers to sell virtual goods with the issuance official subsidies. The platform is also focusing on selecting nearly 1,000 promising products in the category of self-operated goods on JD.COM for the merchants, covering food, beverage, wine, health care products and other categories to improve the merchant logistics performance.

In terms of activity support, in order to create a better business environment, Kuaishou e-commerce launched the “Real Good Things Festival” from March 23 to March 31. The festival will include high-quality live streamers and product sales in various categories such as digital home appliances, tea and wine, fresh food, furniture, beauty cosmetics and clothing. During the event, live streamers who do public welfare livestreaming for the key epidemic areas will be provided with marketing and exposure support by the platform.

In terms of policy support, during the epidemic, logistics in some areas have been affected and results in some merchants being unable to deliver or return goods in time. In order to help merchants maintain normal operations during the epidemic, the e-commerce delivery and after-sales policies in Kuaishou have been temporarily adjusted to accommodate issues that may arise.

In terms of delivery policy, if the sender or the recipient lives in any of the epidemic areas, and the consumer purchases a physical good, then the situation will not be included in the calculation of timely delivery rate and abnormal collection rate, and no negative punishment will be imposed. In addition, the compensation freight period of Kuaishou e-commerce platform has been extended from 30 days to 90 days to reduce the freight cost of merchants.

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In terms of product support, Kuaishou e-commerce also launched a series of measures on the logistics product side to reduce the logistics operation cost of Kuaishou merchants during the epidemic.