KFC supports facial recognition payment in China now

On September 1, Yum China announced it opened launched a new restaurant concept—KPRO in Hangzhou. KPRO, a subsidiary brand of KFC, provides a younger generation with seasonal menus and modern and immersive dining experience through digital technology.

“KPRO prepares innovative, made-to-order, seasonal menus for China’s fast-rising white collars. Meanwhile, tech savvy consumers who are keen to embrace digital technology can use the latest technologies from mobile ordering to facial recognition payment.” the president and CEO of Yum China said.

KPRO menu features seasonal produce and an assortment of made-to-order salads, panini and roasted chicken, complemented by freshly squeezed fruit juice, freshly brewed coffee, craft beer and premium Cremia ice cream.

The store is designed with a “greenhouse” layout and an open kitchen where meals are freshly prepared, creating a friendly and vibrant dining atmosphere.

“Smile to Pay” facial recognition payment is a key feature which enables customers to pay without using cash. Alipay’s unique payment technology utilizes a double authentication process, including a facial scan and inputting the mobile phone number, to verify the identity of customers and complete the deal.

The ‘Smile to Pay’ in the new KPRO restaurant in Hangzhou is the first commercial application of the facial recognition payment technology globally.

“We are excited to partner with Alipay to bring the world’s first commercial application of the facial recognition payment solution to our customers. With this system, KPRO customers can experience this ground-breaking technology while enjoying fresh and tasty meals prepared in our open kitchen.” Said Johnson Huang, the general manager of KFC.

In addition to facial recognition payment, KPRO applies other cutting-edge technologies to provide customers with a more convenient and digital experience.

The restaurant does not have a traditional counter. Customers can order their food with self-ordering kiosks or by scanning the QR code at their tables. Then KPRO staff will serve the freshly prepared food directly to the tables.

This article originally appeared in Fast Technology and was translated by Pandaily.

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