JiDU to Unveil Robot Car Concept at Beijing Auto Show

Wednesday marks the first anniversary of the formal establishment of JiDU, Baidu‘s car-making arm. In the afternoon, Xia Yiping, CEO of JiDU, revealed the company’s latest progress in a speech and shared with employees multiple renderings of the concept car’s interior and exterior design details.

On February 28th, the robot car built by JiDU ushered in two important milestones. First, SIMUCar (Software Integration Mule Car) has completed its version 2.0 upgrade, enabling the complete integration of smart driving, smart console  software and JET 1.0. The JET includes the integration of JiDU’s in-house developed electrical and electronic architecture EEA and vehicle operating system SOA.

JiDU’s smart console is powered by Qualcomm’s SA8295P chip, and the company has released its first software version for the  smart console operating system that includes some of the features developed based on SOA.

JiDU said that it will hold its first JIDU ROBODay event on April 18, on the eve of next month’s Beijing Auto Show, where it will officially unveil its own robot car concept.

JiDU’s robot car integrates Baidu‘s AI technology with the Apollo L4 autonomous driving capability, as well as Geely’s SEA (Sustainable Experience Architecture) electric platform. “What we build is not a car or an electric car in the traditional sense,” Xia once made an imaginative metaphor. “The future unmanned car or smart car is actually a four-wheeled robot”.

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In the past year, JiDU’s SIMUCar-based development allows the robot car to run on high-speed and urban roads, which have verified the safety and reliability of the mass production L4 automated driving capabilities in advance. The company’s goal is to deliver a complete, safe and reliable autonomous driving experiences by 2023, rather than by OTA after delivery.