JiDU ROBO-01 Concept Car’s Interior Revealed, Launch on June 8

JiDU, Baidu’s EV making arm with Geely, released new promotional material for its first concept car, the ROBO-01, on Wednesday, unveiling some design details and showcasing the brand’s unique “robot aesthetics.” The car will officially debut at “ROBODAY,” a launch event to be held on June 8.

Posters released by the firm show that the interior design of the ROBO-01 concept car is minimalist, integrated with a big high-definition display panel. The text on the poster indicates that the ultra-wide display panel in the concept car will have a 3D immersion interaction function, and the human-computer interaction functions such as cockpit voice assistant may have ultra-fast response speed.

(Source: JiDU)

The concept car has a special U-shaped steering wheel, which brings rich imagination to the presentation of high-level autonomous driving ability.

ROBO-01 has a unique shape of seats and ancillary structures. Its intelligent cockpit is expected to create a sense of sci-fi with the inclusion of atmosphere lights, high-tech seats, central armrest console and other structures.

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At the rear of the ROBO-01, the logo is very eye-catching. The tail wing, rear light and full-width light bar provide certain robotic features. The pixel lamp design at the rear may indicate that the car has AI light interaction features outside the car.

(Source: JiDU)

ROBO-01, the first concept car robot of JiDU, will be launched on Baidu’s metaverse app “Xirang” at 19:00 on June 8, and the event will be livestreamed through the firm’s official WeChat Video Channel and Douyin.

JiDU’s first mass-produced robotic car will be delivered in 2023. It will have a high-level autonomous driving capability with an “out-of-the-box feature,” bringing users a unique driving experience in multiple scenarios.