JD Logistics Distributes 20,000 New Energy Vehicles Across China

JD Logistics, the shipping arm of Chinese e-commerce giant JD.com, announced on January 22 that at present, it has distributed about 20,000 new energy vehicles in more than 50 cities across the country, and that its green charging infrastructure can reduce about 400,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions every year.

Currently, JD Logistics has successively replaced all self-operated delivery vehicles in Beijing with new energy vehicles. In addition to the large-scale use of green transportation, the application of innovative technologies is effectively improving transportation and distribution efficiency and reducing energy consumption.

The firm carries out real-time optimal path planning using big data to reduce its overall number of vehicles in transit. It also accurately schedules the receiving process to reduce the waiting time of vehicles.

In JD Logistics’ “Asia No.1” Intelligent Industrial Park, vehicles are commanded to accurately move to the suitable platform through algorithms. At the same time, through visual guidance and camera recognition, drivers are guided to stop accurately, which effectively reduces the queuing time of vehicles outside the park and the waiting time in the park.

In many intelligent logistics parks operated by JD Logistics, photovoltaic power generation, integration of power generation and charging, electric energy storage, rainwater collection and other measures are gradually becoming important ways to reduce energy consumption in warehousing.

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JD Logistics has also promoted the formulation, application and promotion of packaging standards by initiating the establishment of the China E-commerce Logistics Industry Packaging Standards Alliance.