JD.com Upgrades Smart Customer Services Product Yanxi

A new product launch event was held on Tuesday by JD Cloud, a cloud computing platform and integrated cloud services provider owned by Chinese e-commerce firm JD.com. Wang Aifei, the head of business innovation for JD Technology’s Intelligent Customer Service Products Department, released the upgraded product of JD.com’s intelligent customer service Yanxi.

Yanxi is based on JD Cloud’s cutting-edge development in technologies including voice, semantics, multi-round multi-talk, emotional judgment, intention recognition and intelligent interruption. It simulates the voice interaction of real people, and can make batch and high-quality phone calls, thus helping brands efficiently interact with consumers. Its unique advantages can efficiently drive the growth of enterprises.

In addition, Yanxi is constantly improving its ecological layout. It has opened up capabilities and provided rich and standard APIs to partner enterprises, and is introducing more excellent partners to build a more mature ecosystem together, thus better providing digital intelligent solutions for the whole industry.

In addition to serving a vast number of retail brands, this product has been well applied in scenarios such as logistics and pandemic outbound calls.

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In the logistics industry, Yanxi has been fully integrated into JD Logistics’ services system, providing logistics enterprises with products and services including an “online consultation robot,” “voice calling” and “voice response,” covering key links across the whole chain. It helps logistics enterprises reduce costs, as well as improve service and labor efficiency.

During the pandemic period, Yanxi has continued to be open to local governments, hospitals and other organizations free of charge, helping with temperature screening, nucleic acid detection and other work, successively applied in areas across China such as Beijing, Guangdong, Heilongjiang and Hubei.