JD.com Entering the E-Commerce Market in Spain with Joybuy.es

On April 16, Liu Qiangdong, Chairman and CEO of Jingdong Group, or better known as JD.com, came to Madrid, Spain, to attend the World Retail Conference (WRC). He is also publicizing JD’s Spanish website Joybuy.es that was just released for public testing on April 12.

It is reported that Joybuy.es will mainly target the market in Spain, and the Latin American region at large, serving the 400 million Spanish-speakers market in the world. JD.com is entering the Spanish market with all-round investments in logistics, goods and services, and integrating JD.com‘s Chinese commodity supply chain capabilities to provide Spanish users with quality products from China.

JD.com will serve the Spanish market in two ways, offering cross-border direct shipping of goods from all over the world and direct deliveries within Spain, providing Spanish users with quality products not only from China but from around the world.

JD.com‘s Spanish site

JD.com has selected 100,000 products that are sought after in the Spanish market and teamed up with 1000 quality brands to explore the Spanish market together. Products with a low price tag will be delivered through cross-border direct mail, giving users a variety of delivery options. Express commercial delivery can be completed within 2 to 3 days, while regular parcels can be delivered within 7 to 20 days through direct mail.

This year JD.com will set up a local Spanish warehouse for direct deliveries in Spain, enabling more users to enjoy JD.com‘s excellent customer service.

This article originally appeared in Tencent Tech and was translated by Pandaily.