Jay Chou Obtains 20M Yuan in his First Kuaishou Live Stream

Taiwanese superstar Jay Chou did his first live stream on Sunday night where he obtained 20 million yuan ($2.85 million) in 30 minutes.

With a love for magic, Mando-pop singer Chou performed a magic show on short video platform Kuaishou, with more than 68 million viewers.

Celebrities also stormed in to support Chou, such as pianist Lang Lang and table tennis player Zhang Jike. Actor Wang Zulan even sent Chou 200,000 yuan worth of gifts during the live stream.

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Kuaishou put up large-screen ads on landmark buildings in major cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Hangzhou, and Guangzhou, before the live stream to attract more viewers for Chou.

Kuaishou put up large-screen ads on landmark buildings in major cities to attract more viewers for Chou (Source: Tencent)

“Watch Jay Chou’s live stream debut on Kuaishou,” one banner reads. “Jay Chou will see you at 8:30 tonight.”

Chou’s fans were also furiously posting on social media celebrating the news. Even though Chou hasn’t released any albums for a long time – the last one was in 2016 – his every move drives fans crazy. When his new single Mojito dropped on Chinese streaming platform QQ Music at midnight on June 12, it crashed the servers due to the heavy traffic it accumulated. Within just a few hours after its release, sales of the digital song reached more than 10 million yuan.

Kuaishou and Chou had already cooperated multiple times. Kuaishou sponsored Chou’s Netflix show J-Style Trip, a part travelogue and part magic show which debuted in March.

Earlier this year Kuaishou announced that it obtained copyright authorization to create short videos for Chou’s songs from Jewell Music.

Around the same time in May, Chou launched his first Chinese social media account on Kuaishou. Within two months Chou has more than 30 million followers.