Jack Ma Praises Alibaba’s Reform and Innovation Journey in Internal Letter

Today, Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba, shared a post on the company’s internal forum titled “Embracing Reform, Fostering Innovation.”

In this post, he commended the new management team led by Daniel Zhang and Toby Xu for their courageous reforms, expressing his belief that Alibaba has successfully returned to a path of healthy growth and voicing his support for ongoing changes. This marks Jack Ma’s first extensive reflection on the company’s reform, innovation, and future outlook in the five years since his retirement.

Jack Ma began by praising the new management team’s proactive approach over the past year, emphasizing their willingness to address challenges head-on, trust in the younger generation, and clear decision-making processes that have not only shattered previous strategic norms but also set the stage for Alibaba‘s future development.

Despite facing skepticism and pressures both internally and externally, Jack Ma underscored that the journey of reform and innovation is often met with resistance rather than applause. Nevertheless, he acknowledged the emergence of a resilient and courageous Alibaba team. He expressed gratitude towards Alibaba employees for their commitment and resilience, highlighting their unwavering faith and perseverance amidst evolving decisions, including those related to potential IPOs, which have ultimately steered Alibaba back on track towards sustainable growth.

Within the post, Jack Ma delved extensively into the topic of innovation. He emphasized the importance of not only rectifying past issues promptly but also looking towards the future for transformative changes. Anticipating significant shifts in the internet industry over the next three to five years, he stressed the timeliness of innovation. Jack Ma encouraged employees to continuously challenge themselves by engaging in tasks that others may shy away from, fostering a culture of daring and unprecedented actions.

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