iQIYI Breaks Barriers in Viewer Interaction and Holds World’s First Multi-Screen Interactive Livestreaming Gala

China’s video streaming platform iQIYI held the Shout out for Love Gala 2021 on Jan. 15, becoming the first platform in the industry to use multi-screen interactive livestreaming. 

The Gala broke barriers of both time and space by providing synchronous livestreaming of multiple scenes to its subscribers, thus delivering an immersive and panoramic viewing experience.

During a livestreamed show, the screen of the iQIYI app was divided into four subsections, covering four areas – the stage, the waiting place, the backstage, and the rehearsal spot – and providing the audience with a chance to switch between them freely to get a peek of what was going on behind the scenes.

Subsections of the screen (Source: iQIYI)

The use of interactive features was another highlight of the Gala. Subscribers were able to leave live comments and vote on various aspects of the show, from the order of performances, to specific performers and prizes. 

Heated discussions arose among viewers ahead of the Gala on social media platforms including Sina Weibo and Douban. The company’s official post of the show on Weibo was shared over 10,000 times, with related topics hitting over 20 million views.

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The Gala was also a display of what has been dubbed the Chinese-Netflix’s IP reality show, which includes TV dramas and miniseries. These range from girl group elimination reality show Youth With You 2 (青春有你2), to rap show The Rap of China (中国新说唱), and short suspense thrillers program Mist Theatre (迷雾剧场).