iQiyi Adventure Dream VR Launch Conference Scheduled for December 1st

Today, iQiyi announced the release of a new VR all-in-one machine, the Adventure Dream. The launch will take place on December 1. The new VR features a mainstream configuration of Qualcomm XR2 and 6DoF, and will highlight functionality for gaming.

Judged from its name, the Adventure Dream is different from previous numbered naming schemes, such as the Adventure 1, 2, and 3.

Just less than 100 days ago, iQiyi launched its latest VR product, the Adventure 3, which also highlighted game experience. The device won praise from users and performed better than expected thanks to its flagship configuration and massive boutique of games. The Adventure Dream still features the Qualcomm XR2 platform, which is also in found in the Adventure 3.

In terms of memory, the Adventure Dream features 8G + 128G, and operates smoothly for current mainstream VR games. In terms of operations, the Adventure Dream follows its self-developed “Adventure Chasing Light” computer vision 6DoF VR interactive technology scheme, and can achieve millimeter-level accurate positioning and only has a minuscule amount of delay.

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Meanwhile, the Adventure Dream will provide the same type of boutique games as its predecessor  and is aimed at the entire family’s entertainment needs. It has classic games, such as “Arizona Sunshine”, “Pcio Neo”, and “Mercenary2: Silicon Rising”, which have remained popular among VR professional players, as well as trendy games such as “Music Matrixt” and “Street Dance” for the younger crowd. The line up of games also includes games such as “Rabbids: Party”, “Magic Garden” and “TrainerVR” which are aimed at parent-child interactions.

Adventure Dream’s built-in iQUT Future Cinema 2.0 provides users with a 2,000-inch giant screen, which is equivalent to 80 TV screens. It supports HDR images, Dolby panoramic sound and AI image quality enhancement technology all of which give users the ultimate viewing experience.