Insta360 Releases AI Webcam Link

Shenzhen-based camera brand Insta360 released an AI webcam called Link on August 2, which focuses on 4K HD image quality and rich AI functions to meet the growing demand for video conferencing and livestreaming, priced at 1,798 yuan ($266).

Equipped with a 1/2” sensor, Link supports 4K Ultra HD resolution at 30fps video streaming with clear and detailed image quality. Link also has a stronger dark light performance, which allows it to present a clear picture even in low or complex light scenarios.

In bright light or backlight environments, Link enables HDR mode with higher dynamic range to preserve more details in highlights or shadowy areas. Users can make personalized adjustments to video effects such as parameter setting and screen previews through a client software Link Controller.

Insta360 Link (Source: Insta360)

Link can also autofocus extremely quickly regardless of the distance of the user, ensuring clarity and automatically adjusting the exposure to make the picture color more accurate.

With powerful AI algorithm and a flexible three-axis gimbal, Link’s lens uses AI tracking to follow the user’s movement, complemented by automatic composition technology, which keeps them perfectly centered at all times without interrupting the meeting for manual operation. At the same time, users can also use three simple gestures to realize character tracking, whiteboard mode switching and up to four times screen zoom.

Insta360 Link (Source: Insta360)

As video conferencing becomes more frequent and the demand for video becomes more and more diversified, Link integrates various modes such as whiteboard enhancement, lossless vertical screen and automatic overhead shooting, which comprehensively widens the scenario boundary of webcams.

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Since Covid-19, more and more enterprises, schools, governments, and other entities have been working or studying remotely, and video conferencing with high flexibility has become the standard for efficient collaboration worldwide. At present, Link can be used with a variety of mainstream meeting software such as Zoom, Skype, VooV Meeting and DingTalk, and it can also be adapted and compatible with major livestreaming platforms such as Douyin and Kuaishou.