Industrial Security Firm Solidrocks Technology Scores Investment by Sequoia Capital China

Solidrocks Technology, a security company based in Ningbo, has recently received investment from Sequoia Capital China. The company’s previous angel-round financing attracted participation from Plum Ventures and Weed Ventures Capital. Paradigm Advisors again acted as the exclusive financial adviser for the most recent deal.

Solidrocks Technology was established in December 2021, focusing on the research of industrial advanced threat defense technology. At present, there are a large number of industrial control system security companies in China, which can be divided into three categories. The first one is industrial control system companies that need to meet endogenous needs, the second one is traditional comprehensive network security companies, and the third one specializes in industrial control system security. Solidrocks Technology belongs to the third category.

Based on the knowledge of a large number of industrial system vulnerabilities, Solidrocks Technology has developed an unknown threat defense technology that does not rely on the detection of attack payload characteristics. In addition, the company realizes automatic mining of industrial control system firmware and vulnerabilities. At present, the team has reported more than 500 original vulnerabilities to the three major national vulnerability databases.

The Solidrocks team has found a large number of serious loopholes and backdoors within systems for aerospace and other fields, and has participated in the construction of a national-level industrial internet security monitoring and situational awareness platform, contributing to the protection of national security.

Solidrocks has four products – attack deception and trap systems, unknown threat defense systems, industrial automation intrusion and attack simulation systems, and an actual combat attack and defense training platform.

Since various achievements were announced in April, Solidrocks has continued to make further progress. The detection capability of its industrial vulnerability detection system has been further improved, and it can be used in ships, steel, rail transit and other industries. The number of attack deception and decoy products it offers has continued to grow.

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Recently, Solidrocks has participated in a number of major projects by China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the National Radio and Television Administration, and ZTE, and has established strategic cooperation with a number of listed companies. Its number of enterprise customers exceeds 50, of which more than 25 are considered “core customers.” More than 80% of security experts in the company come from previous posts at Alibaba, Qihoo 360, NSFOCUS, Topsec, and Winicssec, and they all have senior industrial automation and network security research experience. In the future, with the development of the 5G industry, the company will further apply its products in the medical, educational, governmental, and other fields.