IKAS Industries Finishes B Round of Financing Worth Over 100 Million Yuan

On Tuesday, IKAS Industries Co., Ltd. announced its completion of a Series B financing round worth more than 100 million yuan ($16 million). The round was jointly led by CTC Capital and Nuo Capital, followed by China Resources Runke Microelectronics Fund. Prior to this round, IKAS has received investment from some first-line investment institutions such as China Fortune-Tech Capital, Sequoia China and Fortune Capital.

Founded in 2017, IKAS specializes in providing intelligent solutions for a wide range of semiconductor manufacturing industries, including IC manufacturing, packaging and testing, LED and photovoltaics. At present, the company has become the product supplier for dozens of leading semiconductor manufacturers.

Boasting “ROPN + AI” technology with independent intellectual property rights, the company has reduced costs and increased efficiency in production resource scheduling by virtue of the model algorithm in its technology.

In the recent financing round, investors of IKAS are all professional investment institutions engaged in the semiconductors field.

Among them, CTC Capital is an investor of dozens of well-known semiconductor firms across the upper, middle and lower reaches of the industry, such as TSMC and UMC. Nuo Capital is the manager of Beijing IC Equipment Industry Investment MM&A Fund, which was initiated by leading enterprises and senior investment teams in the domestic IC industry. China Resources Runke Microelectronics Fund mainly invests in microelectronics products and technologies, fast-growing application markets and upstream and downstream semiconductor industry chains.

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“China is the world’s largest chip market, and chips are undisputedly the lifeline of industry. Compared with other countries, chips deserve more importance in China. Therefore, we should attach great importance to guaranteeing the safety of supply chains and prevent risks to it. We must pay attention to the bottleneck project, as well as the issue of production capacity shortage,” said Zeng Guoyi, a partner of CTC Capital. 

“For upstream enterprises, the products of IKAS can help them greatly increase production capacity and yield in a short time. It has great strategic significance for the current safety of supply chains in the electronic information manufacturing industry”, he added.